Download the latest release for your operating system from the Download page.

One note that affects all OSes: make sure that neither the folder you run VUEngine Studio from, nor your project’s folder contain whitespaces. Otherwise you won’t be able to build your code.

# Windows

Run the installer. It will take a little moment to install VUEngine Studio to C:\VUEngine, then automatically launch it when done.

Note that binaries are not signed and Windows might warn you about it.

# macOS

Unzip and move to your Applications folder. Double click to start.

Note that binaries are are neither signed nor authored and macOS might warn you about it.

You may need to install additional libraries to be able to build your code.

brew reinstall libmpc

# Linux

VUEngine Studio is not yet available for Linux distributions.

# Bleeding Edge

To enjoy the newest additions, which might not appear yet in the latest release, you can always check out and compile VUEngine Studio yourself from the GitHub repository.

Note, thought, that there might be compatibility problems with VUEngine Core, Templates and/or other sample code. We only ensure compatibility at time of releases.